The Ring (2002)

Score: 8/10

Length: 115

Language: English

Categories: remake, ghost, 2000s, recommended, murderer

The movie that started the Japanese remake craze, this one is near and dear to my heart, as it happens on my birthday. I also have the same creepy mirror in my basement that I used to stand in front of while combing my hair. I am also very afraid of black horses and of falling down a well (as everyone should be). The movie is about a girl who was chucked into a well by her mother and now has come back in TV pixel ghost form to wreak havoc and in the hopes someone will uncover her story. Young adults find the video while vacationing in a cabin and once they watch the video (which is a serious of black and white clips) they receive a phone calls telling them they have seven days to live. Now it’s a race against time for a mother and her accomplice to find out how to stop Samara before the seven days run out. Some parts are of course cheesy, but the actual video played on the tape is seriously scary, and the acting for the most part is good. I would love to see that stringy-haired girl crawling at me in 3D on the big screen.

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