Troll 2 (1990)

Score: 9/10

Length: 95

Language: English

Categories: recommended, good-bad, horror comedy, almost horror, 90s, monsters

I looked it up and the internet said it was a horror, so I’m reviewing it. Originally, I saw the documentary for this film, Best Worst Movie and it left me intrigued. Now every year or two I have a theme night and re-watch the masterpiece that is this movie while wearing my Garfield nighty. This one is so special, I’m making a new category just for it: good bad. It’s incredibly creative, but also strange, nonsensical, and the acting is just plain atrocious (or is it? It’s hard to tell with the script being so horribly written). One of the best things about Troll 2 is that even though it’s called Troll 2, it has nothing to do with the original Troll movie, and it doesn’t even have trolls in it. Yeah, you heard me. What it does have is chunky milk that turns you into a plant so the town goblins can eat you. Because they’re vegetarian, you know. (This movie goes great with milk, (pop)corn, green jello, and assorted baked goods with green icing).

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