Saw (2004)

Score: 8/10

Length: 102

Language: English

Categories: 2000s, gore porn, recommended, psychological

I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I’ve seen all of the Saw movies. Admittedly, because the first one was so good. One of the most popular horror franchises of my time, and the first one starts off strong (which I can also say for the second installment, but not for the five films to follow). Not since Scream had a horror movie killer been a household name and popular Halloween costume which was found in the spiral-cheeked, squeaky tricycle-riding Jigsaw. I remember watching this as a teenager with my best friend who almost had the blankets over her head. It was blood and gore, yes, but the storyline was carefully created to scare you in a realistically torturous way, and the twist left my mouth hanging open as the movie went to darkness.  About two men who are locked in a bathroom in a warehouse who must perform a killer’s tasks in order to prove themselves worthy to be alive.

Liked Saw? See the other 6 Saw movies or try The Collector and The Collection. If you want to kick up the gore, Hostel and Martyrs are your movies.

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