Christmas Collection: Gremlins (1984)

Score: 7/10

Length: 106

Language: English

Categories: monster, 80s, horror comedy, Christmas

It all started in Chinatown… and when you buy a gift for someone in Chinatown, there are always strange rules that come with it, such as ‘no food after midnight’! About a cute kid who of course breaks all the rules and endures the “horrors” of the evil-turned mogwais aka Furbies-turned-dragon. A very unusual and special Christmas movie, (and tis the season…) but not so much one for the horror files, although it is upsetting seeing all the mean things they do to the ugly-cute little ball of fur. A little bit of horror, comedy, and sci-fi, this is a classic 80’s favorite, and probably would have been one of my favorite movies if I was 10 years older.

Also check out Gremlins 2: The New Batch!

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