Phantasm (1979)

Score: 4/10

Length: 88

Language: English

Categories: 70s, monster, murderer, zombie

This is about a guy and his kid brother who cross paths with “the tall man”, who is a stink-faced, lanky dude that makes the dead into weird little dwarf things?? I don’t know if it is just because this movie is from the 70’s but there are far too many unnecessarily unattractive people in it. Although the title makes it sound like a technicolour intergalactic sex fantasy, Phantasm is haphazard and dull. The various “death” settings such as the graveyard and mausoleum were unsettling, but there wasn’t much effort put into the mood. This movie probably would have been amazing to watch as a young kid in the 70’s, but without the quick sex and violence scenes. Somehow, I just didn’t get it. Phantasm was too all-over-the-place and it fell flat for me.

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