The Brood (1979)

Score: 5/10

Length: 90

Language: English

Categories: 70s, psychological, murderer

So I started watching this while playing Diner Deluxe on my new phone and had to rewind it as I was shocked to see some solid acting (I thought this was supposed to be another lame 70’s horror cheesefest?) At least it sounded that way- a man tries to save his daughter from his crazy wife and her biological minions… Then about half way through, the Goosebumps lawn gnomes aka the deformed children appear, and you know it’s all over from there. With that being said, I really respected this movie for it’s imaginative and disturbing storyline- I’ve never seen anything quite like this. If remade and tweaked a little, this could be a really interesting movie. The psychology, the intricate characters and the even-pacing make this movie watchable, though it’s silly in the delivery of the death scenes by the giant Cabbage Patch kids that were left out in the sun too long.

Warning: if you can’t look at gross skin and body things such as medical books, don’t watch the second half.

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