Dolls (1987)

Score: 7/10

Length: 77

Language: English

Categories: 80s, murderer, girly, recommended

Asshole parents and their uncared-for kid get stuck in a storm and end up in a creepy old house run by some creepy old people who like dolls. Super eighties-outfitted teen robbers and a man the little girl makes quick friends with also show up at this mansion in the woods since there’s a storm. Only those who appreciate toys will survive! So I liked this one. The acting was bad but without trying to be good, and I love that the dolls came alive in a stop-motion kind of way. It had a story, interesting characters and didn’t go on longer than it needed to but still stopped to add nice little touches along the way. The bludgeoning deaths were non-sensical and it’s not scary unless you’ve got a real thing about dolls. A great mix between a kid’s movie and a horror. “I have to ask you a question! Do you trust kids?”

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