Troll (1986)

Score: 6/10
Length: 82
Language: English
Categories: 80s, monster, horror comedy

Harry Potter (because this is when that name was normal) and his family move into an apartment building with numerous residents (including Elaine Benes as an alluring leaf woman!) that are quite the characters. The daughter has a magic ring that turns her into a troll. A ridiculous, disgusting, typical eighties troll. I came into this wanting to hate it because Troll 2 was so magical, but I thought it was fairly awesome for a horror with a random musical number. The two films had a lot more in common than I expected, but the original had a real lull in the middle and slower pacing overall. Even though the trolls (and other assorted creatures) are UAF, I enjoyed this strange story. (Though I’ve already forgotten what happens at the end.)

See the review for Troll 2 here:

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