High Spirits (1988)

Score: 4/10

Length: 99

Language: English

Categories: ghost, comedy-horror, almost horror, 80s

No, this is unfortunately not about a bunch of stoner ghosts. It’s a movie about a hotel and its employees who concoct a plan to scare the guests by creating ghostly illusions. An adult Haunted Mansion, if you will. Jennifer Tilly’s presence and Liam Neeson as a sexy, lustful ghost make the movie. I enjoyed this- it was original, light, and spooky and it had some really great scenes (such as the bed spinning and falling), but the story got old fast and it was hard to stay interested. By the end of the movie you are watching two couples- each a human and a ghost, but you don’t really find yourself caring what happens to any of them. I wish they had taken out the sex and gore and made this into a teen/kids film.

photo credit: https://professormortis.files.wordpress.com


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