The Canal (2014)

Score: 7/10

Length: 92

Language: English

Categories: 2000s, recent, recommended, ghosts, murderer, haunted house, foreign

I prefer madness over gore. And there was still some great massacring. I also prefer ghosts to monsters, and there was no bad CGI in sight. I especially like in this mash-up how they trick you into liking the characters because they are “just like us” with those Ikea bedsheets I seriously have on my bed right now. The acting, especially by the lead, was engaging, although each character seemed to have a different accent. The concoction of thriller, mystery, and horror was a delightful mix, although a tad Matzo ball soupy- watered down and with big chunks of story just floating around. There’s a guy- he moves into a house with his family. When they are settled in, he discovers she is cheating on him with some dude with a man bun. Poor buddy goes mad while becoming obsessed with the former house owners and their murder story. And guess what. The movie actual revolves around a canal- it isn’t just another dumb horror title.

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