Jug Face (2013)

Score: 6/10

Length: 81

Language: English

Categories: recent, 2000s, murderer, woods, ghost

Strange, uncomfortable, and honestly, a little hard for me to form an opinion on. I kind of love it and hate it at the same time? I really admire creativity, and the idea was quirky without being cheesy. It reminds me of The Village. I saw the preview for this quite awhile ago while flipping through the horror section of my Video on Demand and thought it looked stupid. However, recently, I read the new Gaiman which is also about a sort of fantasy pit and thought I’d give this a try. The plot is quite interesting- a girl who lives in a hillbilly community who worship a magical pit gets herself into a bad situation when she is chosen for the pit’s next sacrifice. I liked the strange character names- Diwaii, Jessaby, Pyer- and “the shunned” boy wasn’t too ruined by bad CGI. The special effects make-up for the second sacrifice was pathetic, but other than that, it’s likablility depends on whether you can handle the weirdness of the story or not. This should be pretty obvious, but the moral of the story is don’t sleep with your brother or you will become a jug.

photo credit: https://modernborefare.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/jugface3.png


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