The Taking {of Deborah Logan} (2014)

Score: 5.5/10


Language: English

Categories: 2000s, recent, murderer, devil, woods, moc doc, shaky cam

A faux documentary, about a woman’s mental and physical deterioration while she fights with Alzheimer’s disease, gets more complicated as she’s caught doing bizarre things and revealing the secrets of her past. Not only was the idea scary and very real-life, but there’s an extra story tacked on that doesn’t necessarily work, but I appreciated the effort either way. Jill Larson does an absolutely fantastic job of once again playing the creepy old lady, and her makeup effects were on point. The first half is really well done, and all of the ‘hunting for the old woman in the dark’ scenes were tension-heavy. The “giant mouth” at the end ruined things for me, and the double stories fought with each other instead of working well alongside one another. which is a shame because this minimally shaky cam movie had great potential.

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