Masters of Horror: Incident On And Off A Mountain Round

Masters of Horror is a 2000’s television series with a different director for each of the thirteen episodes in the season, running about an hour long.

Directed by: Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, John Dies at the End)

Evil Category: monster man in the woods

Score: one moon face out of five

After a car accident, a woman uses survival skills taught to her by her husband in order to outsmart a forest-lurker. The ginormous John DeSantis plays our monster bad-guy thing, Angus Scrimm from Phantasm plays a random crazy dude locked up (but not really) in a basement, Ethan Embry, nineties icon, is the douchy boyfriend, and the beautiful C-list actress, Bree Turner, plays our heroine. A story with no explanation and a totally unnecessary rape scene; I didn’t love this one. A few cut scenes replaced by a some clarifications would have made this a more enjoyable first episode.



5 comments on “Masters of Horror: Incident On And Off A Mountain Round

  1. This was one of the first ones i watch as we have a random order in UK, i quite liked how this played out because at the time the twist of a female character being just as deadly as the killer hadn’t been done, this could have easily paved the path for a ‘You’re Next’


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