Clown (2014) {with special guest!}

Score: 7/10*

Length: 100

Language: English

Categories: 2000s, recent, recommended, devil, supernatural, murderer

I’m kind of behind on this, but you save this sort of movie for a sunny day, right before the fair (or in my case, the Stampede). Loved the opening scene of the movie, it set the mood for this zany and fresh-faced film. It reminded me of The Santa Claus– if it was in the horror genre. I loved the slow and detailed transformation from man into supernatural clown-devil, but it eventually went a bit too far into CGI land, causing it to lose its believability. The movie got a guffaw out of me at the end, which I appreciated, and I didn’t leave feeling like the last scenes were overly creative, but at last! an ending that isn’t too stupid. I am surprised and shocked at how much I liked this movie. It had such a great mix of comedy, horror (actually making a clown scary), and fantasy weirdness.

Dr. Travis’ Second Opinion:

Score: 6/10

Going into this I was excited to see an ‘R’ rated version of a killer clown movie, the last one I saw was IT, which didn’t get a rating because of it being a mini-series. Clown had the Eli Roth gore I was looking for, but unfortunately it was lacking original deaths and it wasn’t so much a killer clown story but one of possession. The acting was satisfactory and the story kept me engaged right until the end. I’m giving it a six because I was pleased to see an ending where the goddamn child doesn’t save the day. The possession development was interesting, but I can’t give it a higher rating due to the over-played deaths we’ve all seen a thousand times.

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