Ginger Snaps Trilogy

In celebration of Canada day, I am watching a trilogy of three Canadian werewolf movies! Friendship, sisterhood, puberty, learning how to be a woman/beast, and generally getting through life is the guiding principle in these stories.

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Ginger Snaps (2000)


I feel like I’ve seen the first half of this movie several times but never the ending. A young teen gets attacked by a werewolf and while she is slowly transforming, her awkward sister looks for a cure. Ginger, the she-wolf, looked like a deformed plastic skin dog. This is why I don’t like monster movies. The monsters all look too fake or computerized and this film is no different. And why did Brigitte’s hair looked like a wig half the time? The gore, the acting, and the original choices made throughout are the reasons why I think it’s so popular.


Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004)


Set in a recovery facility, the awkward sister is left to fend for herself. She tries to escape while she changes into a beast, and all the while being hunted by another werewolf who kills everyone in its path. Luckily she has a young, blond, crazy sidekick who helps her along the way. I liked the werewolf look a lot more this time. More classic- hairy and black. It was an okay film, it could have used more tension and action instead of it solely being chase-based terror.


Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004)


Shamus. The name. I think that’s all you need to sum up this ridiculously Canadian film set in the 19th century. Ginger once again, plays the sexy werewolf superhero, while dark-haired Brigitte acts (convincingly) frightened. But this time they do it in corsets in the snow! I bet if I watched this first, I’d like it almost as much as the original movie. But since I’ve watched these all in a row, although a good film, I was a little tired of werewolves at this point. (I also love how at the end she’s complaining about being cold, though they’re like, five metres away from a giant lodge on fire…)


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