Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns

Masters of Horror is a 2000s television series with a different director for each of the thirteen episodes in the season, running about an hour long.

Directed by: John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog, The Thing)

Evil Category: video (cassette tape, still haven’t moved on to DVDs) that you shouldn’t watch, but you can’t help it…

Score: four out of five intestine film strips

I’m surprised I’ve never mentioned this, but I love the title sequence. I love all horror title sequences really, but this one feels like a mix between Charmed and Dexter‘s openings. A movie about a movie (which always seems to be good), where a man searches after the film that made people crazy and violent. Great actors, lots of film nods, and an inventive story, but I kind of wish there was an alternate version that was more realistic, without all the angels and demons. I liked the strange, dreamlike feel, but the idea could have been really scary in a full feature length film focusing on psychology and the effects on the mind. The main problem with this episode is that they chose to base it around a film with a French title- which unfortunately, said by a bunch of Americans over and over sounds increasingly cheesy. Nevertheless, a nice end to the first box of DVDs in the season!


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