Masters of Horror: Sick Girl

Masters of Horror is a 2000s television series with a different director for each of the thirteen episodes in the season, running about an hour long.

Directed by: Lucky McKee (May, The Woman, All Cheerleaders Die)

Evil Category: Branch Bugs

Score: three out of five gushing boil ears

This episode is one of the highest rated, but I have to say that I’m a little disappointed. With a title like Sick Girl, I was either expecting to see someone with a horrible flu strain or a demented serial killer girl. It’s actually about a entomologist who begins a relationship with a woman she sees drawing fairies outside of her work place. Her apartment is full of bugs in cages, but her landlord isn’t having it, and right after she gets yelled at about it, Dr. Bug loses a horrible, branchy-looking bug who puts its gross little pinchers inside of her girlfriends’ ear. This creates a disgusting bubbly ear-disease and eventually she is turned into an insect-person. I get that the story is about moving too quickly in a relationship and that it’s supposed to be more comedy than horror but that didn’t make it any better. And I have to say, that although the main actress was fantastic in May, she was so painfully awkward and goofy in this, it was hard to watch.


2 comments on “Masters of Horror: Sick Girl

  1. Fuck off! She was fucking FANTASTIC. Man, oh, man, Ive been watching this damn show just looking and fucking hoping for a good episode and at last I FOUUND IT. A1 episode, man. I mean, it was the best acting up to that point. Do you remember the actress from the first episode, incident on and off whatever mountain? She was GARBAGE, remember? Oh, they all were, and the scripts were garbage, too. But this was A1. I really cant get where you are coming from, dude. For what it is, and the budget, just great. A hellava good time. The music was spot on, too. I just can’t see why the negative review. But I don’t know your taste, though, so whatever, dude.
    And I agree with the dude in the commet below; the quirkiness (and that’s a GREAT word) of it was good. I LIKED it.


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