Wishmaster (1997)

Score: 5/10

Length: 90

Language: English

Categories: 90s, demon, monster, murderer, good-bad

I’ve been on hiatus for awhile after being on vacation in Iceland, and then with all of the real horrors in the world I didn’t really feel the need to watch any horror over and above the news. But while I am trying to get over my flu, I thought I’d revisit one of the first horrors I ever watched- a not-so-classic film from my childhood. Wishmaster is about a demon called a djinn who grants wishes (with a horrible twist) in the hopes of being set free and bringing its evil masters back to the world. As is expected from most nineties fantasy horrors, I thought I’d see more bad CGI, but the gore and special effects were mostly done with mechanics and makeup. The creatures were interesting and effective, though the djinn looked a little too much like a Hellboy Ninja Turtle. The acting was definitely nothing special, nor was the script, but the movie’s simple and creative story made it feel short, and it’s surely watchable.



photo credit: https://moviesfilmsandflix.files.wordpress.com


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