Circle (2015)

Score: 3.5/10

Length: 87

Rating: Unrated (I’d guess PG-13)

Language: English

Categories: 2000s, recent, murderer, aliens, psychological

As you know, I find these mind-fuck human testing scenarios very interesting. There hasn’t been one of these in a few years and I was very excited to add this to my list of Top Ten Strangers in a Small Room horror movies. It’s a film about a circle of fifty humans, trapped in a room, unable to move for the fear of being zapped! So, some aliens or whatever (I’m not ruining it, there’s no big reveal or anything) play a game to find out who will be the last standing. Each minute a person dies, and it can be at random, chosen by the person themselves, or voted on by the rest of the group, eventually resulting in an assumed person who deserves to be the last one standing. There’s a few things I was looking forward to- the fast-paced action of the movie that would undoubtedly up the stress and tension, and this movie seemed quite different than the others as it had an array of people such as the elderly, children, a pregnant woman, a man missing an arm, all sorts of human-types. Unfortunately, you can’t have a bunch of people standing around arguing for the entire movie and then not have any real ending. The end of the game is smart, yes, but after that, it just is a pile of garbage. Disappointing.


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