Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up

Masters of Horror is a 2000s television series with a different director for each of the thirteen episodes in the season, running about an hour long.

Directed by: Larry Cohen (The Stuff,  A Return to Salem’s Lot)

Evil Category: serial killer showdown

Score: three out of five Fairuza Balks

Yes, this is one of the rare sightings of the ‘weird girl’ from The Craft. She’s an angry looking gal with a unique and recognizable face. The episode is a neat idea- a bus with a few people on it breaks down and the passengers and driver all take different routes. Meanwhile, there are two serial killers in the same area, a truck driver and a hitchhiker, and the last person standing from the bus crew fights off the killer-competitiors. It’s an entertaining episode and one of the few stories not plagued by the supernatural, but the ending was far-fetched and I feel like it can only be described as “upper level okay”.


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