Masters of Horror: Family

Masters of Horror is a 2000s television series with a different director for each of the thirteen episodes in the season, running about an hour long.

Directed by: John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Twilight Zone: The Movie)

Evil Category: skull-smitten psychopath

Score: two out of five bare-boned scrub-downs

This is rated as one of the highest in season 2, and I get why (I guess) but I still didn’t really like it. It’s about a man (yes, another episode about a middle-aged white guy) who has created his own disfunctional family. Unfortunately, they are just skin and bones! A couple moves into the neighbourhood in search of a new life after their daughter passes away, and they quickly make friends with their lonely neighbour. Not everything is as it seems, and there are some great twists in this episode, something I haven’t seen a lot of so far of in Masters of Horror which is surprising for a series. Although the ending is really refreshing, the whole episode really dragged for me in the middle. There was too much fluff where there could have been tension, and I don’t know why, but the lazy job of the skeleton’s wiring really bothered me. The acting is good, the idea is fine, blah blah blah, the surprise ending was too little too late. I am really hoping to see some shocking, scary stuff in the upcoming episodes, as this would have fit in better as an story for Desperate Housewives. (Okay, I’m being a bit harsh, but my bad episode tolerance is a little on the low side right now).