Sensoria (2015)

Score: 4.5/10

Length: 81

Rating: NR

Language: Swedish

Categories: 2000s, recent, foreign, almost horror, ghost, haunted house, murderer

This Swedish film is about a newly-single woman moving into a haunted apartment. It doesn’t sound like anything outside the average every day, and although the story isn’t exactly the norm, it doesn’t exceed expectations. Frequently during the movie, the tension, scare, and drama would have a short spike… and then on to the next scene. If it would have been held onto a little longer, the scenes could have really solidified the scares and helped the movie build to a climax. The first half of the movie introduced our sad protagonist, and followed her around the apartment as small but strange things happened around her flat. The second half felt like a slow wrap up of the melancholy story, exposing pasts that were interesting but didn’t invoke much emotion. It’s funny that the films tagline is: “Every apartment has a past”, considering I just moved into a newly built apartment and there for sure is no past. Her home seemed incredibly strange and creepy with an old, hospital feel. Not sure if the terrifying attic storage rooms and laundry rooms are normal in Sweden, but this Canadian felt uncomfortable with the unfamiliar feel of the apartment. I’m very glad for my well-lit storage space and in-suite laundry. What does Sensoria mean? I have no idea, and neither does this film.


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