The Hallow (2015)

Score: 4/10

Length: 97

Rating: NR

Language: English

Categories: 2000s, recent, foreign, woods, supernatural

The first thing I thought about this movie was: the only thing that could really ruin this is a naked, hairy, troll-like interpretation of a fairy. It’s not quite that, but the fairies are not the mystical, mysterious creatures I guess I am still hoping for in a horror film. These are more reminiscent of bugs, more specifically, when the mother from Coraline begins her transformation into a praying mantis. Big, hollow eyes and all. The Irish tend to be creative and gifted in developing a mood through the scenery and natural lighting that leaves you feeling cold and clammy, and this film doesn’t quite do that. I feel quite dry, actually (LOL). It’s about a family who moves to a small town and tresspasses on fairy property, aka the forest. The hunchy, pointy-limbed Hallowfolk do not appreciate this and try to steal the couple’s baby. They also apparently take people and turn them into half-human half-fairies. The big problem with this film is that it lets out its spooky characters pretty fast and then just drags on and on. Still another half an hour to go and I’m wondering when these people are going to die already. Can they just be gone or survive already and end this? There is a surprising mix of good and 1990’s terrible effects in this film. There is also a lot of running through the forest and baby screaming. Usually baby screaming is unbearable for me, but this baby has a unique scream and actually sounds like it’s afraid for its life instead of just needing a diaper change. Anyway, I was hoping for a magic fairy horror experience, but this is just another monsters in the forest film.

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