Tenebre (1982)

Score: 6/10

Length: 101

Rating: X

Language: English, Italian, most likely

Categories: 80s, murderer, foreign

This film set in Rome features all the top B’s: brown nipples, bad teeth, bralessness, and bright red blood. It starts and ends with some sweet disco pop dance music, helping us to realize early on that this isn’t going to be your typical slasher or jump-scare horror, and I’ve yet to see a Dario movie that is more thriller than it is (murder) mystery. His movies often feel like books brought to life. This gem, that I had the pleasure of seeing on 35mm at a midnight screening, is about a stalker-killer who murders everyone who has any relation whatsoever to a well-known author. The author has recently written and sold a book called Tenebre (I still don’t really understand that it means), about a psychotic killer. The ending reveals a few welcome twists and everything is explained honestly and eagerly. The film is just entertaining enough to keep you engaged in the theatre, though I’d suspect it’d be easy to nod off while watching this at home. I appreciated the constant killings, the acrobatic dog situation, and the little jabs here and there at misogyny. Would definitely include this in a Dario-a-thon. A nice little film full of characters, but obviously not better than Suspiria.


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