Us (2019)

Score: 5/10

Length: 116

Rating: R

Language: English

Categories: 2000s, recent, murderer, underground

I watched this on a plane returning from Israel along with every horror movie the plane offered, and sadly, this was the worst one. At the start I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if (this) was the twist? And then it was. Womp Womp.

Obviously high expectations are set for this movie- Jordan Peele’s follow-up after the success of Get Out and staring loved-by-all, Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita does a fantastic job as both versions of her character, from the creepy voice to the scared mother, and this is clearly where the film shines. Unfortunately, the story, although unique, is not thought-provoking, scary, or even an interesting tale. The reveals at the end are incredibly unsatisfying and ruin anything the film has achieved thus far. It’s not an awful movie… I wasn’t bored, cringing, or rolling my eyes, but it’s not anything I’d recommend or ever watch again.

It’s about a family who goes on a vacation, and stops at a familiar beach where a traumatic childhood event happened to the mother. Later in the evening, strangers stalk and taunt the family, but even stranger still, the aggressors look just like them. The story revolves around the family we see, and “the tethered” which we learn about later. A big issue with the film seems to be the confusion and lack of story-telling around “the tethered”. Lots of potential, lots of let-down. Too many bad decisions, too many plot holes. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to Candyman, as the story is already there.