I’m a girl who likes to watch horror movies and then write about them.

Short, to the point, and categorized for quick searching and easy decisions.

So you understand the ratings, here are my movie preferences:

I don’t like: shaky cam, bad CGI, unrealistic monsters/aliens, rape

I am over: zombies and vampires

I love: tension, ghosts, stalker movies, asylum, big old houses, 80’s horror effects, psychological, good-bad movies

I started this blog so I would never watch the same bad movie twice. I keep it going because it gives me more of a purpose when watching horror movies.

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  2. Just been browsing a bit through your blog. All I can say is: Very nice 😀 Love horrormovies a lot myself ( both the good, the bad and erm…the ugly ). Looks like I am going to get a lot of new suggestions here. Looking forward to it 😀

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