Rating Guide

1 The movie is SO bad, it actually makes me angry.

2 I made it through the movie, but it’s a waste of time.

3 Overall a bad movie, but had one or two good points such as the costume design or being set in the 80’s

4 Not a complete garbage movie, but you’re glad you didn’t pay to see it in theatres.

4.5 Almost. On the verge of okay, but scattered or boring.

5 I give this score out when I just don’t know what to think of it.

5.5 It’s not really good or bad, it’s just slightly okay.

6 A decent movie, but not well put together.

—recommended movie scores——

6.5 Just good enough for me to recommend it.

7 Good movies that aren’t scary enough or have no wow factor.

8 This movie probably deserves a 7, but there’s something about it I really love.

8.5 Well-done movies that are almost perfect, but typically have a crap ending.

9 My favorite movies fall here- but nothing has had the perfect mixture of ingredients… yet.

10 I’ve yet to see a horror I’d give this rating.

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