A Christmas Horror Story

ABC’s of Death

ABC’s of Death 2

ABC’s of Death 2.5

All Hallow’s Eve

Campfire Tales



Rampo Noir


Tales of Halloween

Tale of Tales

The Witching

Three Extremes



A Few Still to Watch or Review:
3 Extremes II, Dead of Night, Kwaidan, Trick ‘R Treat, Cat’s Eye, Chillerama, The Illustrated Man, Creepshow, Body Bags, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Tales From the Dark Side, The Theatre Bizarre, Trilogy of Terror, H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, Fear(s) of the Dark, Tales From the Crypt, Asylum, The House That Dripped Blood, Dr. Terror’s House of Horror, 4bia, Night Gallery, Black Sabbath, Night Train to Terror, Tales of Terror, From Beyond the Grave, Grim Prairie Tale, Torture Garden, Two Evil Eyes, Eerie Tales, Tales From the Hood, Spirits of the Dead, Ghost Stories

Found Footage:
The Dark Tapes, V/H/S (2, 3)

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