Holiday Horror

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Christmas Collection

Black Christmas 1974 & 2006
Christmas Evil 1980
Gremlins 1984
Silent Night, Deadly Night 1984
Elves 1989
The Gingerdead Man 2005
The Children 2008
A Christmas Horror Story 2015
Krampus 2015
Holiday Hell 2019


ABC’s of Death 2.5 (Merry Christmas segment) 2016 
Holidays (Christmas segment) 2016
XX (The Box segment) 2017


Top Ten Christmas Horrors

My top Christmas horror picks featuring demons, evil snowmen, zombie bishops, monsters, murders, the most gruesome of Santas, and…cookies. Featuring Sint, Rare Exports, Silent Night, and Jack Frost.


Image result for horror christmasThirteen Christmas Horror Shorts

My favorite Christmas horror shorts from YouTube! Clamation, toys come to life, flesh-eating trees, and of course, Krampus make for an awesome array of holiday horror options.


Image result for horror christmasSix Scary Santa Shorts 

Six gory, festive, uncomfortable, and creature-inspired Santa shorts.