Emelie (2015)

Score: 2/10

Length: 80

Rating: NR

Language: English

Categories: 2000s, recent, murderer, SPOILERS, almost horror, Painful Movie Mondays

I’m just going to come out and say it… waste of my time. Guess what would probably happen in a movie where the babysitter is strange and wants to steal one of the kids. That’s exactly what happens. Odd head-games are played with the children instead of Trouble or Mousetrap, and the nanny is a taddy naughty. In the end, the older kid steps up and saves the day… blah blah blah, nothing exciting really ever happens. There are the typical less-than-stellar actors (not difficult considering three of the main bunch are children), the usual, nonsensical decisions (somehow), and your everyday, cliche, happy ending. I just can’t get over how uninspired this is for a new film. Like, at least throw in a ghost or up the creep factor at least. This isn’t a C-list movie and it’s not dorky or snort-inducing, it’s just so painfully dull that I feel like I’m watching a movie made by the kid in class who just copies everyone else. I don’t hate it, I’ve just already forgotten about it.


photo credit: hollywoodreporter.com