Raw (2016)

Score: 6/10*

Length: 99

Rating: R

Language: French

Other title: Grave

Categories: 2000s, recent, murderer, gore porn

This French film was a “must see” at the festivals. It’s akin to Teeth or Ginger Snaps in that it’s fresh, mildly original, and centred around a beautiful, flesh-biting teenager. However, as in most French movies I have seen, the gore is thick, and the blood is bright. Raw is about a vegetarian college student who is forced to eat rabbit during a hazing ritual, and as a result, gains an irresistible urge to devour humans. She lets her douchey sister who is attending the same veterinary school be cruel to her again and again as she parties with the crowds of other students. I guess maybe when you’re the younger sister you are very forgiving as you just want attention from your older, cooler, sibling, but it was frustrating to watch, nonetheless. There are a few really gory scenes, but the most cringeworthy was the finger-sucking. My biggest wish is that the film leaned more to one side- a dark comedy or a thrilling horror. Because of this, I felt it lacked a bit of… bite. Although the ending was nicely-wrapped, it was guessable and geared towards a non-horror crowd.

*Friend Score: 6.5/10


Inside (2007)

Score: 5.5/10

Length: 82

Rating: R

Language: French

Categories: 2000s, murderer, foreign, gore porn, slasher, spoiler, holiday

Also known as: Labour Pains and À l’intérieur

Perfect for Mother’s Day, but dated on Christmas Eve, this gore galore film is about a woman stalking a recently-widowed pregnant lady. After being in a car accident, the with-child photographer mopes around her house and pushes away her mother until she finds herself being watched by an unknown woman. Shortly after she goes to the police, “la femme” makes her move. A bloody battle ensues between the characters, the cops, and everyone else who stops by the house. The French know how to orchestrate a bloody and bleak movie, and with all the belly-cutting, my poor tummy hurt by the end. A few parts were hard to… stomach. Lots and lots of the red stuff. There are also a lot of shots of bad CGI babies in the womb, and while the idea wasn’t bad, the effects are definitely dated now. The are other annoyances such as every time Sarah lays down, her hair is sprawled over the pillow like she’s preparing for a Pantene commercial. And not to state the obvious, but there are a few characters that seem to live a little too long with the injuries sustained. The film turns into a mess by the end, and I know that this sounds sinister, but (SPOILER) I would have preferred to see the last scene with the baby a still-born. There are a few interesting chunks of the movie, and I like the mixed emotions that the soon-to-be-mothers create with their strangely reversed roles. I found, however, that they took an okay idea for a film and threw blood at it.


photo credit: youtube.com