Jessabelle (2014)

Score: 6.5/10

Length: 90

Language: English

Categories: recent, 2000s, ghost, voodoo, recommended, mystery, murderer

A girl who is recovering from a car crash and is now in a wheel chair goes to stay with her dad and uncovers a secret past through her mother’s video tapes. Ghosts and voodoo galore, I (not surprisingly) enjoyed this. It relies heavily on the story and you could easily call this a romance mystery type horror. I thought the main actress did a fantastic job and the tension built was decent though sometimes got lost in the lovers. The only part I didn’t enjoy much was that the ghosts at the end didn’t have any ghostly effects and just looked like boring humans. It confused me a little as well, but I liked the twists in the story more than I didn’t like the non-effects.

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Three Extremes (2004)

Score: 6/10

Length: 118

Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese

Other titles: Three… Extremes, Saam Gaang Yi

Categories: foreign, Asian, 2000s, cannibal, vampire, murderer, recommended

In celebration of Chinese New Year, I’m watching this title featuring three shorter films:

(Paired with ginger beef and hot and sour soup!)

Dumplings 7/10

A woman eats fetuses supplied by a witch doctor (Bai Ling) to look young and beautiful. Disturbing yet delicious.

Cut  5/10

A disgruntled movie extra tortures a director and his wife in a strange and glamorous way, but the film confuses us at the end.

Box 5/10

Takashi Miike’s film about twin contortionists at a circus takes us on a delicate and sad journey but leaves us with an unintentionally comedic imagine.

I am a huge fan of films comprised of several films and I enjoyed all of these fairly equally. They were each very unique but also very interesting and well-timed drama-horrors. I am excited to see the full-length feature version of Dumplings.

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Bunshinsaba (2004)

Score: 4.5/10

Length: 92

Language: Korean

Categories: 2000s, Asian, foreign, ghost, murderer

Other titles: Witch Board, Ouija Board

Brought to you by Toilet Pictures, this one is about a girl who puts a curse on her bullies, causing them to die horrific deaths when they are forced by a ghost to put a plastic bag over their head and light it on fire. Even though I feel like I’ve seen a million Asian horrors about little girl ghosts, I thought this sounded interesting, and the deaths were pretty real-life scary. I would recommend you read up on it first, as it’s a little hard to follow, especially if you aren’t used to Korean names, or fast-paced subtitles. I was just getting into this movie, when half-way through I realized I was lost and starting to tire of the extensive storyline and low tension. If they would have simplified the story by 50% I think it might have been terrific. It could also lose the constant panic-breathing, repetitive scenes of people on fire, and girls with long black hair tilting their head down while looking up creepily. A great idea, but overdone.

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